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15 Minutes

Temporary Usage
$ 2.25 One Time Use
  • Use Multiple Times
  • Instant Delivery
  • Unlimited Supply
  • Verify One Website
  • Non Renewable

24 Hours

Limited Access for 1 Day
$ 15 Per Day
  • Use Multiple Times
  • Within 24 hours
  • Limited Supply
  • Verify One Website
  • Renewable - Contact Us

7 Days

Short-Term Access for 7 Days
$ 25 Per Week
  • Use Multiple Times
  • Within 24 hours
  • Limited Supply
  • Verify One Website
  • Renewable - Contact Us

30 Days

Long Term Use for 1 Month
$ 50 Per Month
  • Use Multiple Times
  • Within 24 hours
  • Limited Supply
  • Verify One Website
  • Renewable - Contact Us

How to Get a Non-VoIP Number?

There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of Non VoIP phone numbers before, but they’re the new way to tackle Phone Verifications. All you need is this handy Web APP to generate USA Non VoIP Phone Numbers. Once you put that number on the verification screen, we will receive a code in our system. Our system will share the code with you. Our Web APP is available to give you numbers any time during the day, which means it works 24 hours a day.

Quantity and Price per number

  • 1-10 Numbers $2.25

    If you buy 5 then total will be $11.25

  • 11-50 Numbers $2.00

    If you buy 11 then total will be $22

  • 51-100 Numbers $1.75

    If you buy 51 then total will be $89.25

  • 101+ Numbers $1.50

    If you buy 101 then total will be $151.50

How many SMS do I get from 1 number?

One number can verify 1 Website. You can send multiple SMS from 1 website within your duration of number.

Some example websites for Non VoIP number verification

  • Google Voice – to get a google voice number on your Gmail. Just grab a number from us and verify it, and that is all you need to do. It hardly takes 5 minutes.
  • Gmail – to email verify your Gmail, then buy a phone number (one number can make multiple accounts).
  • Plenty of Fish – It is one of the reputed dating websites. Buy a number and get your POF account verified.
  • Venmo – Venmo requires phone number verification, and get your Venmo to verify phone from PVADeals.

How to identify VoIP vs. non-VOIP number?

Many websites fool consumers by saying they sell non-voip, but their marketing strategy creates greed, and customers end up wasting their money.

With PVADeals, we only sell what we tell. Don’t believe us? Check our numbers on Phone Validator and you will know.

What does not cover in these numbers?

If you are purchasing for any banking or loan-related services, we are not selling numbers.

How to buy a Non-VoIP Phone number?

If you do not have Bitcoin for placing an order, you can contact us for the following payment method. Reach us on Skype for the quickest response.

Here are other payment methods available. PayPal, Perfectmoney, Payoneer, and Skrill are available!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)​

Most frequent questions and answers

Unfortunately, not. We have to the pay bills to subscribe to carrier plans and hence we don’t provide any free or trial non voip number for trying out.

We’re using major cell phone carriers from the USA. Our phone number works for any website or any app. You can visit Phone Validator or Real Phone Validation and enter the phone number to check the carrier of the number we provide to you.

All numbers are from the USA only. We do not sell any other country phone numbers on our website.

Yes, we do. Find more payment options here on FAQ page.

In some situations, you verify the account, and still, you’ll not successfully get Google Voice Number. The reason for that is unknown, probably you have used the same IP and device to create the Google Voice.
To become successful in creating Google Voice you need a fresh IP address and a fresh device.

You may purchase ready-to-use Google Voice Accounts that come with lifetime access, and you can change password/recovery information as well.

Duration means validity time on phone numbers.

No, the timer on phone number starts whenever you want to use the phone number.

No, the credit has no expiry date. You can purchase $10k worth of credit. Use today or next year. They’re always yours.

There is no limitation on receiving SMS. You can get unlimited SMS from single website.

Yes, our phone numbers are always new and never sold to anyone else before. You will never see the website saying this number is previously used by somebody else.

That is meant for the website that is not in our list. However, if you want us to list your website contact us

New stock of phone numbers is refilled anytime during a day or night. We don’t have exact time.

3 reviews for Non VoIP Numbers

  1. Barbara (verified owner)

    That was fast service to buy true non voip phone number to do the sms verification. It was quick as I saw in the youtube video.

    • Jason

      thank you for sharing your experience using our services!

  2. cubgang40 (verified owner)

    Bought a non voip number. Had to wait 15 mins but it worked so I’m glad. Will come back and get more numbers.

    • Jason

      thank you for sharing your experience using our services!

  3. Louis Feez (verified owner)

    Use it for Uber. It works and the phone numbers are fresh.

    • Jason

      we’re glad to hear 🙂

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