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We make SMS PVA as you want us to make. Every detail given by you will be followed by our Team supervisor. In addition, PVA Deals believes in following little instructions which eventually leads our client on the MOON. For instance, we are making PVA in CraigslistGmailGoogle VoiceFacebook, Instagram, Hotmail, Yahoo and many more. You name it and we will make it. In conclusion, we are making only USA based SMS PVA. You might feel price is bit lavish but we believe in serving PREMIUM QUALITY PVA.

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Verizon 4G Server


This is #1 network in the USA and the name says it all.

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Why You Should Buy SMS PVA From PVA Deals?

By all means, we make the phone verified accounts using our team members and after that, uniqueness comes into the play as we all know creating a bot and run automation always create an issue in some days or in near future. Above all, PVA Deals uses their trained staff that has been doing this from years and they know how to play with this everyday to generate more revenue for their clients.

Top Selling Products From PVA Deals

USA SMS Numbers​ 99%
Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts 95%
Gmail Phone Verified Accounts 93%
Google Voice Phone Verified Accounts 91%
Verizon Wireless Proxies 92%
Facebook Phone Verified Accounts 80%


PVA Deals has been constantly proving themselves to be an excellent provider online as I have tried many others and nobody can replace the build quality these guys has. It is wonderful experience from couple months now. The most reliable PVA provider in the market!
John Anderson
Web Designer


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