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Twilio is a customer engagement platform used by over 300,000 global enterprises and digital disruptors, plus more than 10 million developers worldwide, to build unique, personalized experiences for their customers. To use the features of Twilio, one needs to authenticate the Twilio account’s phone verification process. However, some may find this process a little uncomfortable considering sharing their personal number, which may hamper their privacy and be misused for marketing communications, but there is a way a user can buy a Twilio phone number to bypass the Twilio phone number authorization. Let’s explore that option in this article. 

What is Twilio?

Twilio is a cloud communications framework that enables developers to integrate voice, instant access to messaging, video, receive and send email into their applications. It is essentially a set of APIs that allow developers to communicate with telecommunications networks. Twilio allows developers to create the following:

  • Customer service applications enable businesses to deliver as well as receive SMS messages, place and pick up phone calls, and host customer chat sessions.
  • Two-factor authentication involves sending one-time codes to the users’ cell phones in order to confirm their identity.
  • Automated notifications: Send text messages or phone calls to users to notify them of order revisions, appointment reminders, or security alerts.
  • Build applications for video conferencing that can be utilized for meetings, online seminars, or collaborative work from home.

Twilio is utilized by a diverse range of companies, from new startups to large corporations. It’s an effective option for companies looking to improve customer engagement, boost effectiveness, and reach a larger audience.

How to Buy a Twilio Phone Number?

Let’s go over four simple steps to buy a Twilio phone number to complete the account authentication process.

Step 1: Register with a Temporary Number Service Provider.  

Start the Twilio phone authorization procedure after registering on the temporary non-VoIP services dashboard, such as PVADeals, a reputed virtual mobile phone number service provider

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Step 2 – Select the Plan.

Select the temporary phone number rental plan to buy a Twilio phone number according to your requirements, and finally, click the “get the number” button.

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Step 3 – Copy and Paste the Number on the Twilio Dashboard 

After clicking on “get number,” you will see the number generated on the PVADeals dashboard. Kindly copy it and paste it on the Twilio Login page.

buy twilio phone number
buy twilio phone number

Step 4 – Complete Verification 

Receive SMS for Twilio on your PVADeals dashboard. Kindly proceed to finish the Twilio account verification.

buy twilio phone number
buy twilio phone number


We have just explored the PVADeals temporary phone number option to buy a Twilio phone number to complete the phone verification. It is a widely used concept to avoid sharing your personal private phone number and to avoid getting marketing communicational messages. Using this way, you can easily purchase a Twilio number and any other authorized websites.

If you have any other concerns, you can always contact us at [email protected].

Using a temporary phone number provides an extra layer of privacy by avoiding the need to share your personal number. It helps prevent unwanted marketing communications and ensures a secure verification process.

Yes, the use of temporary phone numbers for Twilio verification is a legitimate and widely accepted practice. It allows users to maintain privacy while still complying with the authentication requirements.

Yes, if you have any concerns or questions, you can contact PVADeals support at [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you with any inquiries regarding the temporary phone number service.

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While using temporary numbers is generally secure, it’s essential to be aware that some online services may have specific terms and conditions. Users should review and comply with the terms of use for both Twilio and PVADeals to ensure a smooth and secure experience.

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