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Create Green Dot account without disclosing your private number in just few easy clicks. We will learn the easy steps to get the temporary number for Green Dot account activation.


When we studied the survey, we calculated that there are 33 million users across the USA using Green Dot cards, making their banking services feasible. Users use Green Dot for their money transactions, cash checks, deposits, adding money, and paying bills from their phones.

However, some users prefer not to share their personal numbers when creating a Green Dot account because they either want to avoid receiving marketing messages or just to maintain their anonymity.

PVADeals’s temporary non-voip virtual numbers are proven to be the best alternative phone verification method for registering Green Dot account and to complete account activation for various other websites.

Why Do Users Prefer to Be Anonymous to Create Green Dot Account?

Some users prefer to create multiple Green Dot accounts, while many choose to be anonymous or are not interested in receiving marketing messages. We respect each choice and provide temporary non-VoIP number solutions to fulfill the requirement.

Original Way to Open a Green Dot Account

create green dot account
  • Create your Green Dot User ID here.
  • To create a User ID, you’ll need your:
  •  Card number
  •  Expiration date
  •  Date of birth
  •  ZIP code
  •  When asked, enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
  • Come up with a Green Dot User ID and choose a password to go with it. Then, fill in some personal information like your security question, phone number, and a valid email address.
  • Review the information and make sure it’s accurate. If you need to make any changes, simply select “Edit” to do so. If everything looks good, select “Confirm” to finish creating your Green Dot User ID and password.


While this could be hectic sometimes, there are some other alternate ways to open a Green Dot account with just a few clicks. Let’s get you the best one. Account Activation Using PVADeals Temporary Numbers

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  1. Download the PVADeals App or Sign up using the website.
  2. Register with your basic details, such as Name and work email, and complete the captcha for secure login.
  3. Add funds to access the best features of PVADeals to buy/rent a temporary disposable number. 
  4. Select from the plans that suit your expectations, choose the website name (from the dropdown), and click on “Get Number” to receive the number.
  5. A temporary non-VoIP number will appear on your dashboard. Copy and paste it on the Green Dot website. Then, proceed to the OTP SMS to complete Green Dot account verification.
  6. You will see the OTP code on your dashboard. Copy and Paste it to finish the account authentication process. 
  7. You have now successfully created your Green Dot account.

Benefits of Using PVADeals Temporary Non-VoIP Numbers 

PVADeals is a dedicated virtual number service provider with a proven record of serving 1M+ users. We also have some value-added features on our dashboard, such as:

  • Track rental and transaction history
  • Monitor number availability
  • Refill via BTC, LTC, USDT, or PayPal credits
  • Reach 24/7 technical support
  • Access API Keys and API Docs


You can easily create a Green Dot account using these temporary non-VoIP numbers and still be able to use all the great features the Green Dot account has to offer. While Green Dot offers convenient financial services, some users prioritize privacy and anonymity during account creation. This article explored the reasons behind this preference and introduced PVADeals’ temporary non-VoIP numbers as a reliable solution. By following the provided steps and leveraging PVADeals’ secure platform, users can create Green Dot accounts without sharing their personal phone numbers, all while enjoying the full functionality of their accounts.

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