How to Create Lyft Account Without Phone Number in 2023

create lyft account without phone number

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Arriving at your destination punctually is a top priority for many users and Lyft is a perfect solution for that. However, during the Lyft registration process, providing a phone number for account verification can be inconvenient. This poses a challenge for those who prioritize their privacy or lack access to a physical phone at the moment. To address this issue, we present a solution to bypass Lyft’s phone verification process. Discover the best method in the forthcoming article.

What is the Lyft App?

The Lyft app is a ride-sharing and transportation service platform that allows users to request rides from nearby drivers using their smartphones. It is one of the popular alternatives to traditional taxis and offers a convenient and often more cost-effective way to get around in many cities.

How Does the Lyft App Work?

Here’s how the Lyft app works:


  • Download and Sign Up: 

To use Lyft, you must download the Lyft app from the App Store or Google Play Store. After installation, you’ll need to sign up with your personal information, including your phone number and payment method (usually credit card or PayPal).


  • Request a Ride: 

When you need a ride, open the Lyft app and set your pickup and drop-off locations. The app will then display an estimate of the cost and how long it will take for a driver to reach your location.


  • Choose Your Ride Type: 

Lyft offers various ride types, such as Lyft Standard, Lyft XL (larger vehicles), Lyft Lux (luxury cars), and more. You can select the type of ride that suits your needs and budget.


  • Matching with a Driver: 

Once you confirm your ride request, the Lyft app will search for a nearby driver who can pick you up. You’ll see information about your driver, including their name, photo, and the type of vehicle they’re driving.


  • Real-time Tracking: 

You can track your driver’s location in real time on the app’s map. You’ll also receive updates on their estimated time of arrival.


  • Safety Features: 

Lyft includes safety features, such as the ability to share your trip with friends and family, in-app emergency assistance, and driver and vehicle information for added security.


  • Payment: 

After the ride is complete, payment is processed through the app using your pre-registered payment method. You can add a tip for the driver if you wish.


  • Ride Rating: 

After the trip, you have the option to rate your driver and provide feedback about your experience, which helps maintain the quality of service.


  • Receipt: 

You’ll receive an electronic receipt via the app, and you can also have it emailed to you for your records.


Lyft operates in many cities in the United States and some other countries. It’s known for its ease of use, affordability, and the convenience of hailing a ride with just a few taps on your smartphone. It has also introduced services like Lyft Line, which allows passengers to share rides with others going in the same direction, further reducing costs, considering user’s privacy concern and need to create Lyft account without phone number has solution now.

How to Create Lyft Account Without Phone Number?

create lyft account without phone number

With five easy steps, you can get the temporary number to create Lyft account without phone number.

Step 1. Choose a Reliable Temporary Non-VoIP Number Service Provider: 

Search for a reputable temporary number service that provides non-VOIP numbers. These services often offer numbers from various countries to suit your needs and to create Lyft account without phone number.

Step 2. Sign Up 

Sign up for a Lyft platform and initiate the phone number verification process. Return to the PVADeals dashboard and post adding fund requests for a virtual temporary number according to your suitable plan. 

Step 3. Verify Your Temporary Number: 

Once you have a temporary number, use it to initiate the Lyft account creation process. Lyft will send a verification code to this number, which you can access through the temporary number service’s dashboard. 

Step 4. Complete the Lyft Registration: 

Enter the verification code received on your temporary number dashboard on the Lyft phone number verification registration page. 

Step 5. Enjoy the Benefits: 

Congratulations! You now have successfully created a Lyft account without compromising your personal phone number’s privacy

Benefits of Bypassing the Lyft Account Phone Verification

There are several benefits of bypassing the Lyft account phone verification using temporary non-VoIP numbers:


Privacy: Using a temporary non-VoIP number can help protect your privacy by preventing Lyft from collecting your real phone number. This is especially beneficial if you are concerned about Lyft tracking your location or using your phone number for marketing purposes.

Security: Temporary non-VoIP numbers are often more secure than traditional phone numbers because they are not linked to your personal identity. This can help protect you from fraud and scams.

Convenience: Temporary non-VoIP numbers can be obtained quickly and easily without the need to go through a lengthy sign-up process. This makes them a convenient option for people who need to verify their Lyft account but do not want to use their real phone number.


In conclusion, it’s possible to create Lyft account without phone number by utilizing temporary non-VoIP numbers. The benefits of this approach include enhanced privacy, as Lyft won’t have access to your real phone number, increased security against potential fraud and scams, and the convenience of obtaining a temporary number quickly and easily. This method can be particularly useful for those who wish to maintain their privacy and security while using the Lyft service by signing up Lyft account without using personal phone number.

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