Ultimate Guide on How to Bypass Discord Phone Verification 2023 Updated

Bypass Discord phone verification with Non-VoIP Numbers for privacy and security. Verify without sharing personal info.
how to bypass discord phone verification

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If you are searching for How to Bypass Discord Phone Verification, you are certainly at the right place. 

Indeed Discord is no longer only a gaming program; it is now used by communities of writers, artists, and people with similar interests.

After covid, Discord became a widespread communication and community-building platform, which require users to undergo a phone verification process. And the major problem is that Discord doesn’t allow you to have multiple accounts, in such buying multiple sim cards is just not feasible for everyone; hence we have come up with an easy solution for everyone, which is you can simply use a Non-VoIP Number to very your Discord account which saves your so much time and money in every possible way. 

Let’s walk you through the easy steps to understand How To Bypass Discord Phone Verification without a phone.

The Need to Bypass Discord Phone Verification

In a world where privacy and security are paramount, many users are concerned about sharing their personal phone numbers with online platforms. Moreover, some individuals might not have access to a mobile phone for verification purposes. As a result, the demand for alternative methods to understand How to Bypass Discord Phone Verification process has risen significantly.

The Solution - Non-VoIP Numbers

To bypass Discord phone verification without using a personal phone number, one effective solution is to utilize Non-VoIP Numbers. 

Non-VoIP Numbers, or Virtual Phone Numbers, provide an excellent alternative for individuals seeking to verify their Discord accounts without compromising their privacy. These numbers are guaranteed to be accepted by Discord’s verification system.

Understanding Discord Phone Verification

Discord’s phone verification process is designed to enhance security and prevent misuse of the platform. When users attempt to verify their accounts, Discord sends a unique verification code to the provided phone number. This code must be entered correctly to complete the verification. 

While this process ensures authenticity, it can pose challenges for those who wish to keep their phone numbers private or to have multiple Discord accounts for various reasons.

Steps - How to Bypass Discord Phone Verification Using Non-VoIP Numbers

Look for reputable Non-VoIP Number service providers that offer legitimate Non-VoIP numbers for verification purposes, such as PVADeals Non-VoIP numbers.

Select a Plan: 

Choose a plan that suits your verification needs and budget. Service providers often offer various packages with different features. At PVADeals, you can get a temporary or virtual phone number for Discord for as low as $0.5.

Purchase and Receive the Number: 

Purchase the fresh and new Non-VoIP Number, which guarantees your Discord account verification.

Enter the Non-VoIP Number on Discord: 

During verification, enter the Non-VoIP Number in the required field on Discord.

Receive and Enter Verification Code: 

Discord will send a verification code to the PVADeals Dashboard. Retrieve the code and enter it in the provided space to complete the verification process.

Thats all!  These are 4 Easy Steps to understand How to Bypass Discord Phone Verification.

Benefits of Using Non-VoIP Numbers for Discord Verification


Non-VoIP Numbers allow you to maintain your privacy by avoiding using your personal phone number.


Individuals without access to a mobile phone can still verify their Discord accounts using Non-VoIP Numbers.


By utilizing a physical SIM card, the risk of account compromise due to virtual phone number vulnerabilities is minimized.


Many users have looked into alternate techniques that put privacy and security first in order to get around the Discord phone verification requirement. PVADeals Non-VoIP numbers can be used to authenticate Discord accounts safely without disclosing real phone numbers. Discord’s verification procedure strives to increase security, but it’s crucial to provide choices that satisfy various user requirements. 

PVADeals Non-VoIP Numbers provide a link between strict security precautions and user-friendly accessibility as technology develops, enabling people to use Discord while preserving their digital independence.

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