How To Bypass Fiverr Phone Verification- Best Insightful Steps 2023

If you're concerned about the security risks of sharing your phone number for Fiverr verification, then using a virtual phone number is a great way to protect your privacy and keep your account safe.
How To Bypass Fiverr Phone Verification

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Let’s get your Fiverr phone number verification done while understanding what Fiverr is and the reason behind Fiverr phone verification is important. 

Fiverr is a website that connects freelancers with clients worldwide. While many individuals are comfortable providing their phone numbers for Fiverr’s verification process, some remain skeptical about sharing their personal information with a new platform. To address these concerns, users often use fake or disposable phone numbers to protect their privacy.

What is Fiverr, and how can it be used?

Launched in mid-2010, Fiverr has grown exponentially, facilitating over 1.3 million gigs by 2012. Its transaction volume has increased by a remarkable 600% since 2011, earning a place among the top 100 most popular websites in the US and the top 200 worldwide since 2013. 

Fiverr serves as a digital marketplace, connecting skilled freelancers from across the globe with businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs seeking specific services.

The key advantage of Fiverr lies in its ability to outsource projects efficiently, enabling businesses to select suitable freelancers to complete tasks within deadlines and budget constraints. By utilizing freelancers instead of full-time employees, companies can save up to 30% in payroll costs, as stated by ZenPayroll. 

This outsourcing strategy allows businesses to focus on broader business goals while talented individuals handle specific tasks.

The Security Concerns of Sharing Personal Phone Numbers on Fiverr

Fiverr uses phone verification to keep your account safe. But some people are worried about sharing their phone numbers with Fiverr because of security risks. Here are some of the risks:

Data breaches: 

There have been several data breaches at Fiverr in the past. This means your personal information, including your phone number, could be compromised.


If you share your phone number with Fiverr, you may start receiving spam calls and text messages.

Social engineering attacks: 

Someone could call your friends or family and pretend to be you. They could ask for your password or other personal information.

Account hijacking: 

If someone gets your phone number, they could try to hack into your Fiverr account. They could then change your password and take over your account.

If you’re worried about the security risks of phone verification and want to know how to bypass Fiverr phone verification, you can use a virtual phone number instead. A virtual phone number is a temporary phone number that you can use for Fiverr phone number verification purposes. You can find virtual phone numbers like Non-VoIP Numbers from various Non-VoIP number service Providers. 

How to Bypass Fiverr Phone Verification Without Using Real Phone Number?

If you are concerned about your online privacy and security, there is a way to join Fiverr without using your actual phone number. One approach is to use disposable phone numbers from websites such as PVADeals Non-VoIP Numbers. Several platforms offer services where you can receive texts on another phone number without linking it to your personal device.

How to Bypass Fiverr Phone Verification Using PVADeals Non-VoIP Numbers

In Just a Few Easy Steps, One Can verify a Fiverr account without a phone number.

Step 1 – Create an account on Fiverr.

Step 2 – When the Fiverr account verification process prompts you to enter the Phone Number, Sign up at PVADeals

Step 3 – Add funds as low as $0.5 and generate the Phone Number.

Step 4 – Enter the Phone number generated on PVADeals for Fiverr account registration.

Step 5 – Copy the Verification code from PVADeals Dashboard and copy and paste it to proceed on Fiverr. 

Voilà! Your Fiverr phone number verification is successfully completed.

In conclusion, Fiverr remains a valuable platform for connecting freelancers and clients worldwide. However, individuals who prioritize their online security and privacy can employ the techniques mentioned above to join Fiverr or any other online platform without sharing their real phone numbers. By opting for disposable or fake phone numbers for one-time verification processes, users can enjoy the benefits of the internet without compromising their personal data.

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