How to Bypass OfferUp Phone Verification With These 4 Easy Steps

How to Bypass OfferUp Phone Verification

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We often find things at home that we no longer use. Hence, there came a need for a platform where many of us can independently buy things we need and sell items we don’t. OfferUp offers just that. It’s a platform conveniently created for the customers without allowing them to share the commission with third-party resources. Therefore, let’s learn how to bypass OfferUp phone verification by getting temporary mobile phone numbers.

According to Statistica, OfferUp, an app exclusively available in the United States for second-hand selling and shopping, had the most mobile users in California at over 1.9 million in 2023, who sold or brought items. The state of Texas had the second largest mobile audience based on OfferUp shoppers, at roughly 1.3 million.

how to bypass offerup phone verification

What is OfferUp?

OfferUp is a C2C mobile marketplace application and website that allows users to buy and sell various items locally. OfferUp is a popular platform for peer-to-peer transactions, similar to Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. It facilitated the exchange of a wide range of items, including furniture, electronics, clothing, cars, collectibles, and more.


Here’s how OfferUp works:

  • Create an Account: Users need to create an account on the OfferUp platform through the mobile app or website.
  • List Items: Sellers can take pictures of the items they want to sell, write descriptions, and set prices for each item. These listings can include details such as the item’s condition, price, and location.
  • Search and Browse: Buyers can browse listings by category, location, or keyword to find items they are interested in purchasing.
  • Contact Sellers: Buyers can send messages to sellers to ask questions about the items or arrange a time and place to meet for the transaction.
  • Meet in Person: Most OfferUp transactions involve meeting the seller in person to inspect the item and make the purchase. Users typically meet in safe, public locations like a coffee shop, mall, or police station for added security.
  • Payment: OfferUp provides a secure payment system called OfferUp Payments, which allows buyers to make payments through the app. This adds an extra layer of security for both buyers and sellers. However, cash transactions are also common.
  • Rate and Review: After a successful transaction, buyers and sellers can rate and review each other, helping build community trust.

How to Bypass Offerup Phone Verification?

Bypassing the OfferUp phone number verification process and receiving an online SMS for OfferUp verification is not as challenging as it may seem. A quick solution is available, enabling you to verify your OfferUp account in just five straightforward steps by utilizing temporary non-VoIP numbers. 

These temporary non-VoIP numbers are ideal solution on how to bypass OfferUp phone verification process. They are easily disposable, can be rented for as short as 15 minutes, and can be renewed for extended usage, providing flexibility to suit your needs.

Step-By-Step Guide to Bypass Offerup Phone Verification

1. Sign Up for the Temporary Number: 

Create an Offerup profile with the temporary number service provider. This numbers are internet based and not tied to any mobile devices or simcards, and they typically requires minimal personal information and is designed to protect your privacy.

You get multiple payment options in order to add funds to your PVADeals account to rent or buy a virtual or temporary non-VoIP number.

how to bypass offerup phone verification
how to bypass offerup phone verification

2. Verify Your Temporary Number: 

Once you have a temporary number, use it to initiate the OfferUp account creation process. OfferUp will send a verification code to this number, which you can access through the temporary number service’s dashboard.

how to bypass offerup phone verification
how to bypass offerup phone verification

3. Complete the OfferUp Registration: 

Enter the verification code received on your temporary number into the OfferUp phone number verification registration form. Follow the remaining steps to provide necessary business information and banking details.

how to bypass offerup phone verification
how to bypass offerup phone verification


In summary, how to bypass OfferUp phone verification is no longer a mystery. Using Temporary non-VoIP numbers to bypass OfferUp phone verification is a doable and easy process that requires minimal clicks. It will help you safeguard your personal phone number privacy and let you enjoy all the benefits offered by OfferUp on its platform. 

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Yes, you can get the refund or use another fresh number until it works.

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