Your Guide on How to Change Blizzard Phone Number

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Are you looking for a solution on how to change Blizzard’s phone number to continue using Blizzard’s best features? 

This article walks you through the usual process to change Blizzard’s phone number along with the alternative options to bypass Blizzard’s phone number verification to protect your privacy.

Blizzard Entertainment is a key player, providing immersive experiences to millions of gamers around the world. However, as our lives change, so do our contact information, and updating critical information such as your phone number is critical. This guide will walk you through the process of changing your Blizzard phone number, as well as discuss potential challenges and alternative options.

Challenges While Changing Blizzard Phone Number

  1. Security Measures: 

Blizzard places a high priority on account security, and changing your

Phone number is no exception. We’ll delve into the security challenges and measures in place to protect your account from unauthorized changes.

  • Verification Process: 

The verification process can sometimes pose challenges, especially if you’ve forgotten crucial details or encountered technical issues. We’ll explore common issues users face during the verification process and provide tips on overcoming them.

How to Change Blizzard Phone Number?

Ready to vanquish the verification vortex? Here’s your battle plan:

  1. Logging into Your Blizzard Account: The first step involves accessing your Blizzard account. We’ll guide you through the login process and provide tips on ensuring the security of your account during this step.
  2. Navigating to Account Settings: Once logged in, we’ll walk you through the steps to find the account settings where you can update your phone number.
  3. Updating Your Phone Number: The actual process of changing your Blizzard phone number is straightforward, but we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth experience.
  4. Additional Security Measures: Blizzard may implement additional security measures during the phone number change process. We’ll cover these measures and explain their importance in safeguarding your account.

Alternate Option to Bypass Blizzard Phone Number Verification?

How to change Blizzard phone number is not a big mystery as Blizzard has clearly mentioned all of the account updates or changes in account settings right on the platform; however, some users prefer to bypass the Blizzard phone number verification for privacy reasons or just to avoid getting marketing communications to spam the inbox, in such cases, PVADeals stands to support and find the solution for it in the form of Temporary Non-VoIP numbers. 

What are temporary Non-VoIP numbers?

Non-VoIP numbers are typically associated with internet-based communication services. Users can make and receive verification codes, calls, send text messages, and many times even use these numbers for online verification. These numbers are secured and authorized for more than 300+ websites.

Benefits of Using Temporary Non-VoIP Numbers to Verify Blizzard Account

Utilizing temporary Non-VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) numbers for validating your Blizzard account can provide several advantages, most notably privacy, security, and flexibility. The following are some benefits of using short-term Non-VoIP numbers to Blizzard account authentication:

  • Increased Privacy:

Non-VoIP temporary numbers can add another level of privacy. If you’re hesitant to share your private telephone number to verify your account, applying for a temporary number enables you to remain anonymous.

  • Staying away from Spam and Unwanted Calls: 

By applying a temporary Non-VoIP number will help you avoid unwanted calls and spam. Because these numbers are frequently used for temporary reasons, you can eliminate them after verification to avoid future unwanted communication.

  • Lower Chance of Personal Data Exposure:

Using a temporary phone number reduces the possibility of revealing your original phone number to online platforms. This is especially useful when asked to enter a phone number for one-time verification purposes.

  • Security: 

Non-VoIP numbers can help to secure your Blizzard account. When you use a safe and trustworthy temporary number service, you add an extra layer of security to your account against potential unauthorized access.

  • Temporary Non-VoIP numbers provide flexibility:

By enabling you to acquire a number quickly and simply for verification purposes. Once the verification is finished, you can delete the temporary number without making any long-term commitments.

  • Temporary Use for Specific Purposes: 

A Non-VoIP number is ideal if you only require a phone number for a particular occasion, promotion, or temporary use. You may employ it for a limited time and then delete it, decreasing clutter and inactive accounts.


How to change Blizzard phone number using temporary non-VoIP numbers is no longer a lengthy process, as you can receive it with very few clicks and control your privacy options on your Blizzard account.

While there are advantages of utilizing temporary Non-VoIP numbers, it is critical to be aware of the platform’s specific policies, as some services may restrict the use of temporary or virtual numbers for verification of accounts. Users should also select reliable services such as PVADeals that will guarantee the security and dependability of the temporary numbers they use.

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