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Kikoff phone number verification alternatives have been the most popular search query in the past two years, so we’re back with another solution that lets you bypass Kikoff phone number verification without using your phone number.


We recognize that some users might hesitate to share their phone numbers for account verification, or they may worry about receiving marketing messages after the verification. These concerns can lead to a desire to avoid this process either altogether or seek out temporary or disposable numbers.

What is Kikoff?

Kikoff is a credit-building service that helps people with no credit or bad credit to build their credit history safely and responsibly. Kikoff offers a revolving line of credit that reports to the major credit bureaus. You can purchase using your Kikoff credit account at a select group of merchants, and Kikoff reports payments to the credit bureaus on time every month.


Kikoff also offers educational resources to help you learn about credit and how to manage it responsibly. Kikoff is a good option for people who are new to credit or who have bad credit and want to improve their credit score.

How Does Kikoff Work?

Kikoff offers a credit-building service designed to help you establish credit securely and responsibly. Kikoff’s suite of products is specifically tailored to target the five major factors that influence your credit score.

1. Credit Account:

This is Kikoff’s primary offering, a revolving line of credit aimed at addressing three key elements of your credit score: payment history, credit utilization, and the age of accounts. 


Build Monthly Payment History: Utilize your Credit Account to finance a purchase through Kikoff and make monthly payments without incurring interest or fees. This practice helps establish a positive payment history, and Kikoff promptly reports each payment to both Equifax and Experian.


Reduce Credit Utilization: By signing up with Kikoff, you gain access to a $750 line of credit that can be used for purchases from Kikoff. This helps lower your credit utilization ratio, a significant factor in your credit score.


Increase Account Age: The age of your credit accounts plays a crucial role in your credit score. The Credit Account remains open indefinitely, contributing to the growth of your average account age as long as you maintain it.

2. Credit Builder Loan:

This is a one-year credit-building program that also aids in saving $10 per month. Upon completing the year, you’ll have established 12 months of solid payment history and will receive your accumulated savings back, totaling $120.

3. Credit+ Cash Card:

Kickoff’s free, secured credit card product, the Credit+ Cash Card, is a reliable tool to build your payment history through everyday transactions. This card functions like a debit card while providing the advantages typically associated with a credit card.

How to Bypass Kikoff Phone Number Verification?

The most proven method to bypass Kikoff phone number verification is by using temporary non-VoIP numbers. 

Virtual or non-permanent non-VoIP numbers are not associated with physical phones or SIM cards. Multiple services offer virtual disposable or temporary Kikoff phone numbers you can lease or purchase for swift account verification. These numbers enable you to circumvent the Kikoff account verification process by delivering the Kikoff verification code to your temporary number service provider’s platform.


Now, let’s delve into obtaining Kikoff’s Verification Code without relying on a conventional phone number.

Steps to get Kikoff’s Verification Code

Step 1. Choose a Reliable Temporary Non-VoIP Number Service Provider: 

Search for a reputable temporary number service that provides non-VOIP numbers. These services often offer numbers from various countries to suit your needs.

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Step 2. Sign Up 

Sign up for a Kikoff platform and initiate the phone number verification process. Return to the PVADeals dashboard and request for a virtual temporary number according to your suitable plan.

Kikoff Phone Number

Step 3. Verify Your Temporary Number: 

Once you have a temporary number, use it to initiate the Kikoff account creation process. Kikoff will send a verification code to this number, which you can access through the temporary number service’s dashboard.

kikoff phone number

Step 4. Complete the Kikoff Registration: 

Enter the verification code received on your temporary number dashboard on the Kikoff phone number verification registration page.

kikoff phone number

Step 5. Enjoy the Benefits: 

Congratulations! You now have a Kikoff account without compromising your personal phone number’s privacy.

kikoff phone number


Kikoff is a great option for people who want to build their credit history safely and responsibly. However, some users may hesitate to share their personal phone numbers for account verification. This is where temporary non-VoIP numbers can come in handy. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can successfully obtain a Kikoff Verification Code without relying on your conventional phone number. This approach allows you to safeguard your privacy and enjoy the advantages of Kikoff’s credit-building services.

Kikoff is a credit-building service designed for individuals with little or poor credit history. It offers a revolving line of credit, educational resources, and tools to help improve your credit score responsibly.

Some users may be concerned about privacy or receiving unwanted marketing messages, leading them to seek alternative methods for Kikoff account verification.

You can use temporary non-VoIP numbers, which are not tied to physical phones or SIM cards. Sign up with a reliable temporary number service, obtain a temporary number, and use it to receive the Kikoff verification code during the account creation process.

Yes, it’s a secure method that allows you to enjoy the benefits of Kikoff while protecting your personal phone number’s privacy.

The steps involve choosing a temporary non-VoIP number service provider, signing up on Kikoff, verifying your temporary number, entering the verification code, and completing the Kikoff registration, all without compromising your personal phone number’s privacy.

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