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klarna verification code text

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Are you troubled to get Klarna verification Code Text?

We understand you would like to access the Klarna platform without giving out your personal number for safety concerns or being unable to log in due to various other reasons. In such cases, some solutions must be explored. In this article, we are going to explore that solution to successfully get Klarna verification code text and continue enjoying the benefits Klarna provides. 

How Does Klarna Work and What Does It Offer?

Klarna is a Swedish fintech company that provides online payment methods and shopping services to consumers and merchants. It offers various financial and shopping services to make online shopping more convenient and flexible. Here’s how Klarna works and what it offers:

Online Shopping: Klarna partners with a wide range of online retailers, allowing customers to shop from these merchants’ websites.

Checkout Process: When customers decide to make a purchase, they can choose Klarna as a payment option during the checkout process. Klarna integrates with the online store’s checkout, enabling customers to complete their purchases without leaving the website.

Payment Options: Klarna provides several payment options, including:

Pay Later: Customers can choose to receive the items first and then pay for them within a set period, typically 14 or 30 days. This gives customers the opportunity to try out the products before committing to payment.

Pay in Installments: Klarna allows customers to split their purchases into equal, interest-free installments over a specified period, making high-value items more affordable.

Pay Now: Customers can make an immediate payment using their credit or debit card.

Financing: Klarna may offer financing options, allowing customers to spread the cost of their purchases over a longer period with interest, depending on the terms.

Consumer Protection: Klarna provides a level of consumer protection by not releasing the payment to the merchant until the customer is satisfied with their purchase or after the return period has expired.

Mobile App: Klarna has a mobile app that provides a convenient way for customers to manage their purchases, track deliveries, and make payments.

Shopping Experience: Klarna aims to make the online shopping experience smoother and more convenient by simplifying the checkout process and offering flexible payment options. This can lead to increased conversion rates for online retailers.

Credit Checks: Depending on the payment option chosen, Klarna may perform a soft credit check to assess a customer’s creditworthiness. However, this does not impact a customer’s credit score.

Merchant Services: In addition to serving consumers, Klarna offers services to online merchants. It can help merchants increase their sales by providing various payment options and access to Klarna’s user base.

Marketplace and Loyalty Programs: Klarna sometimes partners with retailers to offer special promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs to its users, enhancing the shopping experience.

How is the Klarna Phone Verification Process?

The Klarna phone verification process is relatively straightforward. When you checkout with Klarna, you will be asked to provide your phone number. Klarna will then send you a verification code via SMS. You will need to enter Klarna verification code text message into the checkout page to complete your purchase.

Klarna uses phone verification to help protect its customers from fraud. By verifying your phone number, Klarna can be more confident that you are the authorized user of the account and that you are making a legitimate purchase.

However, some users prefer not to provide their personal phone numbers for various reasons, such as privacy concerns or simply not wanting to receive marketing-related communication, and hence, as always, we have a solution to fix this. Let’s explore it one by one.

How To Get Klarna Verification Code Text Without Using Phone Number?

With five easy steps, you can get the Klarna verification code text to create a Klarna account without a phone number.

Step 1. Choose a Reliable Temporary Non-VoIP Number Service Provider: 

Search for a reputable temporary number service that provides non-VOIP numbers. These services often offer numbers from various countries to suit your needs and to get a Klarna verification code text to complete Klarna mobile phone number verification.

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Step 2. Sign Up 

Sign up for a Klarna platform and initiate the phone number verification process. Return to the PVADeals dashboard and post adding fund requests for a virtual temporary number according to your suitable plan. 

klarna verification code text
klarna verification code text

Step 3. Verify Your Temporary Number: 

Once you have a temporary number, use it to initiate the Klarna account verification process. Klarna will send a verification text code to this number, which you can access through the temporary number service’s dashboard. 

klarna verification code text

Step 4. Complete the Klarna Registration: 

Enter the verification code received by text on your temporary number dashboard on the Klarna phone number verification registration page. 

klarna verification code text

Step 5. Enjoy the Benefits: 

Congratulations! You now have successfully created a Klarna account without compromising your personal phone number’s privacy.


Klarna is a versatile fintech company that has revolutionized online shopping and payment processes. It offers consumers a range of flexible payment options, including “Pay Later” and “Pay in Installments,” making it easier to shop online with confidence. With its commitment to consumer protection and a user-friendly mobile app, Klarna aims to enhance the overall online shopping experience. Additionally, it provides solutions for online merchants to boost their sales and access Klarna’s extensive user base. However, for those concerned about phone verification, there is a workaround to use a temporary non-voice number to receive  Klarna verification code text without exposing personal phone numbers.

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