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Research indicates that many individuals actively seek ways to bypass LinkedIn’s identity verification process or acquire temporary phone number for LinkedIn. This surge in interest comes in response to the extensive coverage of data breaches involving LinkedIn user accounts. 

With over 700 million LinkedIn users affected, which includes phone numbers, addresses, and salary details, there is a growing demand for a temporary or virtual phone number solution that allows users to verify their LinkedIn accounts without sharing their personal phone numbers.  

In this blog, we’ll delve into the hurdles of LinkedIn’s verification process and explore the necessity of Non-VoIP numbers for a seamless experience. 

The Importance of Phone Number for LinkedIn

A phone number is often considered a crucial element of user verification on various online platforms, and LinkedIn is no exception. When you create a LinkedIn account, you must verify your identity by providing a valid phone number for LinkedIn. This serves several purposes:


Phone number verification enhances the security of your account by ensuring that only legitimate users are granted access.


Having a verified phone number on your LinkedIn profile enhances your credibility, making it more likely for other professionals to connect with you.

Account Recovery:

If you ever lose access to your account, a verified phone number can serve as a means of account recovery.

Challenges with LinkedIn Phone Number Verification

While the idea behind phone number for LinkedIn verification is commendable, it’s not without its challenges:

Privacy Concerns: 

Sharing personal phone numbers with online platforms can raise privacy concerns, as users may fear their information could be misused.


Not everyone possesses a personal phone number, especially in the case of international users, making verification difficult.

How to Bypass Linkedin Identity Verification

There is a rising trend of users seeking ways to bypass LinkedIn’s identity verification process, often due to privacy concerns or to avoid excessive promotional messages.

However, it’s important to note that attempting to bypass verification can have consequences, including account suspension. Instead of resorting to questionable practices, consider this legitimate alternative:

Use of Non-VoIP Numbers

Non-VoIP numbers are phone numbers that are not tied to any specific device or physical SIM card. They work over the Internet and do not require a traditional phone line, making them perfect for online verifications. 

There are plenty of Non-VoIP number service providers which offers temporary phone number to Linkedin verification, PVADeals is the Non-VoIP service provider which offers more than 300+ website verifications in just few seconds. 

Lets walk you through some of the best benefits of using PVADeals Non-VoIP Numbers


Fast and Reliable: 

PVA Deals Non-VoIP numbers are quickly obtained and can be used immediately for Linkedin phone verification. They offer a high success rate since they are designed for this purpose.

Global Reach: 

These numbers are not tied to any specific location or country, making them accessible to users worldwide. International Linkedin users can use PVA Deals Non-VoIP numbers without any issues.

Privacy Protection: 

By using a virtual phone number, users can keep their personal phone numbers private, reducing the risk of potential spam calls or identity theft.

Number Change Flexibility: 

For users who have changed phone numbers, PVA Deals Non-VoIP numbers provide a convenient workaround to complete the verification process.


the use of a Non-VoIP phone number for LinkedIn emerges as a cornerstone for a seamless and trustworthy Linkedin experience in a world where online security are most important. The use of Non-VoIP number allows for a quick verification, frequently taking place in less than 60 seconds, as Linkedin increases its caution against fraudulent activities. 

Get the Non-VoIP number for LinkedIn account verification, keep growing, both personally and professionally, and seize the boundless possibilities that the LinkedIn community has to offer.

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