Avail Steam Verified Phone Number, A Step-by-Step Guide For Gamers.

A "Steam verified phone number" was a notion established by Steam to preserve security and prevent unwanted access. This article will explain why having a verified phone number on Steam is crucial and walk you through the step-by-step guide to getting a Steam-verified phone number.
steam verified phone number

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For players all across the world, let’s get you a Steam Verified Phone Number in a few easy steps.

Steam is a light of opportunity in the huge online gaming world. It serves as a community, a marketplace, and a central location for all things gaming. It is more than just a digital distribution platform. Steam is the virtual environment where gamers come together, engage in competition, and work together. It has millions of active users and a constantly growing collection of games. 

However, there are occasional difficulties in this virtual paradise, particularly when players want to use several accounts or share their gaming adventures with friends and family. 

A “Steam verified phone number” was a notion established by Steam to preserve security and prevent unwanted access. 

This article will explain why having a verified phone number on Steam is crucial and walk you through the step-by-step guide to getting a Steam verified phone number.

Challenges in This Gaming World

  • Gamers often create multiple accounts for different purposes, such as testing out different gameplay mechanics, investigating different methods, or having multiple profiles for different uses.
  • Some gamers also create multiple accounts to share their gaming experiences with their loved ones.
  • While creating multiple accounts can improve the gaming experience, it can also pose security risks if not handled properly.
  • For example, gamers may be at risk of identity theft or account hacking if they reuse passwords across multiple accounts.
  • Some gamers create multiple accounts to bypass bans or restrictions placed on their main account.
  • Others create multiple accounts to boost their ranking or stats in a game.
  • Still, others create multiple accounts to sell in-game items or currency for real money.

Why Do Gamers Need a Virtual Number for Steam?

Gamers frequently lose themselves in endless virtual gaming worlds, each with its own set of goals, developments, and people. The impulse to establish several accounts to test various gameplay mechanics, investigate different methods, or just have multiple profiles for different uses might arise when players interact with these games. 

Additionally, a lot of players like to share their gaming experiences with their loved ones, which makes managing accounts even more difficult. While improving the gaming experience, this method could provide security problems if handled improperly.

A verified phone number such as a Non-VoIP number serves as a virtual gatekeeper, allowing you to take advantage of Steam’s built-in security features, including two-factor authentication (2FA). With 2FA, even if someone manages to obtain your password, they won’t be able to access your account without also having access to the linked phone number. This dramatically reduces the risk of unauthorized access and ensures that your accounts remain safe and sound.

Steam Verified Phone Number- A Step-By-Step Guide

1. Sign Up for PVADeals:

Begin by signing up at the PVADeals here

 2. Select Website

You need to select Steam as a website from the Dropbox menu.

add phone number to steam

3. Select the Plan:

Select the Non-VoIP number plan as per your requirements. Add funds and click on the “Get Number.”

4. Steam Account Verification

Post getting the number on the PVADeals dashboard, you can use that number to proceed with your Steam account authentication.

5. Verify with the Code

Steam will send the SMS OTP code, which you can access on your PVADeals dashboard.

In order to get your get your steam phone number verified, copy and paste it to proceed on the Steam mobile app platform. 

Hurray! Your Steam account has been successfully verified. Now you can enjoy uninterrupted Non-VoIP numbers with a selection of your preferred plans, including short-term and Long Team (by the way, this is our best-selling plan). Check out the features that make it the best-selling.


Your Steam experience is a great collection of adventures, successes, and memories. It is a wise decision to add steam verified phone number to keep this virtual paradise safe and entertaining. 

Accept the power of a PVADeals Non-VoIP phone number that has been validated by Steam, and let the games continue with more assurance. Your game empire is now strengthened, and you still own all of the virtual conquests. 

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