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Ever wondered why account verification seems to be key when registering on social platforms? While it may appear as complete time-suck, often it is to protect you(the user) from social engineering practices such as spam, scam, and many other fraud activities. So, what better way to enjoy a quick and safer verification process, than with a US phone number from PVADeals?

A One-Stop Shop For Customized SMS Verification

PVADeals is a professional phone system that provides scalable online SMS Verification solutions to individuals, and all businesses. With a top-quality IP feature and SMS Number, we guarantee high functionalities and exemplary service on numerous social apps. Both at consumer-friendly pricing.

These include Craigslist, Facebook, Gmail, Google Voice, Venmo, Yahoo, Instagram, and major dating sites such as POF.com.

To start with us, log in to verify and register on your preferred social account(s)

A Super Simple Platform To Receive SMS Online​

Nothing makes online texting more fun and easier, compared to a user-friendly web portal. 

PVADeals offers an easy-to-use online verification portal, plus a Reliable US Phone Number to let you send and receive SMS online. This saves you valuable time and ultimately, a smooth way to verify, and register your business account(s) on a variety of social websites.

Zero Surge Pricing on Phone Number For Verification

Sometimes, due to the extremely high demand for verification numbers-most service providers are forced to ballon their prices. For the most part, it is to make sure that every order is adequately fulfilled.


This means, for a user to verify an account on apps such as tinder and Craigslist, they may as well prepare to pay way more than what they are used to. Let alone Uber App, which has long been granted a patent for surge pricing verification. For many users, this can be utterly draining. 


The good news is, PVADeals understands the strain that comes with such additional struggles. For that, we keep our non-VoIP sms pva prices the same at all times. This regardless of how insane the demand gets. 

Get Temporary Phone Number to Verify Your Account(s)

Experience 100% non-VoIP verification on all social websites with our disposable mobile numbers. These are valid between 5-15 minutes. After this, they cannot be retrieved since they change frequently.


We provide a brand new number for short term and long term verifications, as well as a bulk mobile number for safe SMS online.


Our Bulk Number is mostly suitable for bulk account pva sms and registration.


Verify and create your social accounts with us on the following platforms:

Please note: These are limited in supply, and might only be available certain times of the week.

Short of time to verify and register an account?

Take advantage of our Non VoIP Number to create a temporary Phone Verified Account (PVA)

Need Bulk Verification?

PVADeals offers bulk US phone number for bulk verification on vast social applications.

It’s by far the best way to generate traffic to your social platforms including, Gmail and Uber.

Explore the PVADeals API tool to automate your social media profile creation, at a go.

Generate Leads To Your Business With Bulk Mobile Number

Ready to Buy USA Non VoIP Phone Number?

For extending time on on same number. We have given you an option to add extra time on the phone number

PVADeals aims to be your go-to verification phone number provider.

For that reason, each one of our mobile numbers is from highly trusted US Phone Organisations. Hence we can genuinely guarantee 100% Non-VoIP phone numbers to all our clients.

With just one press on the button, you get a US phone number to verify all your favorite applications( link to all social accounts on our verification services).

PVADeals Non-VoIP phone number for verification

Unlike VoIP numbers, our numbers:

  • Are 100% non VoIP(Validate Here!)
  • Allows for safe SMS verification
  • Lets you receive SMS online  
  • Through bulk verification, you can garner a huge following on your social websites.
  • Scalable cost for US mobile number
  • Zero to extremely minimal spam  problems

Get a Phone Number that best fits your needs.


  • Log in to your PVADeals portal
  • Select the social application you wish to verify
  • Receive a phone number on your screen for that particular service
  • Enter the number on the application
  • Receive an SMS code, to confirm successful verification

The whole verification process lasts about 5-15 minutes. If you do not receive an SMS code within that time, it means verification is timed-out (no sms means No Charges).



Note: For disposable mobile numbers, messages are discarded in 15-20 days.

Customer Privacy

Safeguarding client information is one of the PVADeals top priorities. Unlike our counterparts, we do not take chances.

Accepted Payment Methods

For flexibility reasons, we strive to accommodate as many transaction methods as there are. From the many available payment methods in the USA, PVADeals accept payment via any of the following channels:


  • PayPal 
  • Skrill
  • Payoneer.com
  • Perfect money
  • Cryptocurrency exchange for credits such as Bitcoin

For more info on other available payment options, contact us here


An All-Round Customer Support

More often, fast and reliable customer support saves you lots of time(and money).


That is what PVADeals is all about.


We answer promptly to all your questions in detail. Whether it is on services, products, payment and pricing, trials, and many more, our salespersons will get back to you almost immediately.


We operate both during weekdays and weekends from MONDAY – SATURDAY; 6 AM TO 6 PM EST.


Bottom line: PVADeals is a super flexible service that provides customized phone numbers at customer-friendly prices.

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