10 Worst Reasons To Quit Selling Phone Verification Service

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Here's a trick to get paid five times more selling Phone Verification Service

10. You've to find genuine USA Phone number buyers every single day.

We have been to that road. Is it easy to find a real buyer that will pay you money? The answer to that question can only be felt by the person who is dealing with this every day to sell their SMS number.

9. Does the buyer sometimes dispute payment after taking verification PIN?

If you are selling numbers for a long time, then you must have dealt with this. The buyer typically buys a phone verification service. You share PIN with them and boom. You will see the dispute from PayPal or other payment methods.

8. Give em some taste of addiction to keep buying from you!

They always search for a reliable provider, and if they do not give what they are looking for, they will start searching elsewhere. How can we keep them coming back to us over and over?

7. Teach them how to Phone Verification with you.

This process is eating a lot of your time with all new buyers. You might think I have to teach them, but it still eats your time behind the clock.


6. Are you selling your SMS for only 1-2 websites, and then they are disposable numbers?

You are giving your resource for just one website. After that, it becomes disposable numbers because you have to dump them to get new. We give you a chance to utilize resources to its maximum usage.


5. You don't have all types of payment options setup.

You must be active on a couple of payment processors, and that is when you lose your customer if you don’t have the same. On the other side, we’ve clients from all our the world. We have already taken care of payment modes. You can get paid however you want from us.

4. Fear of losing your client. If you connect them with your team to supply your service?

Put your worry aside on the table and take a chill pill because our system designed to keep things private.

3. Selling is a tough skill.

You approach your lead. Greet, chat, QNA, explain your services, You’ve already spent like 5-10-15 minutes, and there is a bummer. They say they’ll get back to you.

2. Negotiation

There are two types of people. One who quickly want to finish the job and those cherries are hard to find. The other one is cheap, always wants to negotiate and sometimes still won’t buy the product.

1. How does the Prospect reach to you?

The question nobody knows, or you only know a few platforms. You probably know a few places to hunt the prospects because leads only come to you only when you have got a website, network, and references to reach out to you.

We want to take all your load of your shoulder now and want to shake hands with you to become a partner with Non-VoIP numbers under your private portal to serve our clients or serve your clients using your team.

Bonus: You can become a company owner and add your clients on our website, and other sellers like you who joined with us will give your client a phone number and SMS code. You will earn your cut directly. Join us to make it a successful Phone Verification Service Ever.

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