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We've moved to a different domain name!

PVADeals announced a 2.0 version of on May-2021 and since then we provide Non VoIP Phone Numbers under

How to move funds from the old website to the new website?

  1. Sign UP on, and let us know the email that you signed up with.
  2. Tell me your email address that is registered on
  3. If you have any existing balance on I will transfer your funds to
  4. On our new APP, you can pay Crypto and PayPal to get instant funds in your account.


To transfer funds to the new website. Contact us at [email protected]

How do I log in and check my funds and history of phone numbers/SMS on the old website ( Is it possible now?

Absolutely, you can. Simply visit here 

Why can't you do this yourself so I don't have to sign up and contact you to move the credits?

We are using completely new technology to build our 2.0 version. Hence the database is stored now in a more secured and stable server. We apologize for all the past consequences, but now better days are finally here!

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